Don’t do this Mistake while Selling Old Phone, Your Personal Data can be Stolen

While changing the old smartphone or changing the storage device, Indian users pay no attention to many things. Due to this fact, 7 out of 10 users have a risk of data leakage.

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On changing the old mobile and any other storage device (storage devices) in India, there are concerns about the danger and privacy of seven people in 10. This is a recent report. In the report of Staler Information Technology Private Limited, a specialist in data protection case, it has been said that the remaining data in the device can easily fall into the wrong hands and this can lead to identity theft, financial fraud, personal security threat and privacy Problems can arise on the issue.

A study by Steller on the old electronic device states that data theft can lead to business risk and misuse of important information such as financial reports, trade agreements, intellectual property, business information and business privacy were related to someone’s name Could.

Stellar co-founder and director (Domestic Business) Manoj Dhingra said, “There is a danger of cybercrime going forward due to lack of information in customers. When removing old IT accessories, it is imperative for people and organizations to adopt the data satisfaction process as security. The 300 older devices used during the study in Stellar’s laboratory in the country included hard drives, memory cards, mobile phones.

Analysis showed that 71 percent of the devices contain personal data, personal identification details, and sensitive business information. In the report, it is advised to use the safe method to erase data while selling old devices.Tags:business informationfinancial reportsintellectual propertyPersonal DataSelling Old PhoneStaler Information Technology Private LimitedStolentrade agreements

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