A Big Announcement made by the Makers, ‘PM Narendra Modi’ Biopic will be Released in 38 Countries

PM Narendra Modi’ biopic is a lot in headlines about its release this day. On April 11, the film’s release has been postponed from April 5. Now the producer Anand Pandit has told that the film is going to be released not in just in one or two but 38 countries.

‘PM Narendra Modi’ biopic is in a lot of headlines about his release this day. The release of the film has been done on April 11 by postponing from April 5. Now, producer Anand Pandit has told that his team is planning to release the film in 38 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia and UAE.

The film directed by Umang Kumar narrates his story of Modi’s childhood since becoming a Prime Minister. Pandit said, “The interest to know about the life of PM Narendra Modi is not only in Indian audiences but in cinema lovers around the world. We have planned to not only release this film in one or two countries but in 38 countries.

The Pandit is the creator and distributor of the biopic which is built on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said, “The film will be released on 1700 screens in India and we have planned to release it abroad on 600 screens.”

‘PM Narendra Modi’ is ready for release on April 11 and the same day, Lok Sabha elections are also being started. The film will be available in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. The team is planning to release the film abroad also on the same day.

Pandit said, “Now I don’t think that there should be any doubt what this movie is, it is a cinematic product. Those who have questioned the film and have asked to ban it, they have tried to end the freedom of expression.”

He said, “Are these those people only who criticize the ban on other films and now they are demanding a ban on ‘PM Narendra Modi’?” The petition filed by Congress spokesman Aman Panwar has argued that the release of Modi’s biopic before the election will cause the electoral atmosphere to get spoiled.

Describing the criticism of the film as propaganda, Pandit said, “This is a film which is inspirational as well as entertaining. Those who are saying it inspired by the agenda, have not seen this movie.”

He said, “We have not made this film to praise the Prime Minister or answer the questions raised by the opposition parties. We have focused on his journey rather than coming to politics.”

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